Pitch Documents

The pitch document is the marketing bible of your idea. You will only ever be given a short window within which you must engage potential buyers and producers. Clearly articulating factors such as your central characters, plot points and sales expectations will build the support necessary to breath life into your creative project and convince key stakeholders the story you want to tell needs to be told, right now, by you.



When still images are not enough to describe the complexity of an action sequence or the intricate blocking required for a long shot then directors are frequently turning to 3D rendered previsualisation as a powerful tool to clearly describe their ideas.  

High Quality Render

Medium Quality Render

Low Quality Render

These examples demonstrate the different levels of quality we can provide, depending on your project requirements. You may need all the bells and whistles to best demonstrate your idea, or you may just need simple blocking to get the job done. We cater to all budget levels


Keyframe Art

Keyframe art takes a small excerpt from the script or story and renders it to the final quality an audience might expect to see in the completed film. This gives potential investors a concise vision to trust in or key creatives the perfect building block for further discussion about a project. 



Video is a visual medium and the key to success is transferring the written word to moving picture. Producing storyboards is an effective and immediate method to achieve this at a preliminary stage. Storyboards are then used throughout production to stage action, blocking and better illustrate critical story beats.

Concept Design

Concept Design is an extremely cost effective way of realising your ideas and communicating them with others. At Hendon Studios, we put your visual concepts into the hands of world class artists who can turn your vision into something tangible that can be shared with prospective producers, directors, cast, and other important stakeholders.


Let us bring your next creative project to life from concept to completion.