Hendon Studios Digital Cinema Mastering

Digital Cinema Mastering (DCP's)

At Hendon Studios, we can create and deliver professional industry standard DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) at affordable prices:

  • DCP creation from digital media

  • DCP and DCDM encoding

  • Delivery in HD, 2K or 4K resolution

  • Colourspace conversion from source material to the DCP-native XYZ colorspace

  • Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 audio

  • Possibility to add subtitle tracks, trailers and more

  • 36-48 hour turnaround for most projects

  • Cinema test screenings can be arranged upon request

  • Reverse Mastering (mov extraction from DCP wrapper)

  • Re-Wrapping

Cinema Ad's

Cinema advertising gets the audience's undivided attention. The distinct advantage is that your audience is captive, local and totally focused on the message you want them to absorb. Whatever you want to advertise, your on-screen commercial will benefit from the unique, premium look and feel of the big screen environment - for real impact without distraction. 

Hendon Studios Cinema Ads

Hendon Studios Radio Ads


Radio Ad's

With its high reach, high demographic and low cost, radio advertising can sometimes be the best fit for your brand, or can perfectly complement an overall marketing strategy. In Australia nearly 95% of people listen to radio weekly. They listen to radio when they wake up, on their way to and from work and in the office during the day. If you are looking for an effective medium for delivery to a certain targeted audience, radio could be the ace up your sleeve.