Shoot In South Australia

Shoot in SA

South Australia provides some of the most amazing and diverse locations available in the country, ranging from red outback, to coastal blue, urban city and heritage architecture. The government of South Australia, in conjunction with the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) offers specific financial incentives for producers shooting in SA, which can be accessed by choosing to shoot at Hendon Studios.

Shoot in SA

SAFC Incentives currently on offer include:

  • Production Investment: Receive 10% of your South Australian production spend as investment (up to $300,000).

  • Post-Production Support: Receive up to 10% of the South Australia spend up to a maximum of $150,000. Funding provided as a grant.

  • Payroll Tax Exemption: The payroll tax rate in South Australia is 4.95% on qualifying wages paid in the state. The SAFC can assist with applying for an exemption up front.

  • Revolving Film Fund (RFF) Loan: Loans are available with rates based on the 90-day Bank Bill rate, plus a 3% margin



Shoot in SA

Federal government incentives administered via Screen Australia and Ausfilm:

16.5% Location Offset (Location Incentive)

30% Post, Digital and Visual Effects Offset (PDV Incentive)

40% Producer Offset, 40% films and 20% television (including official Co-Productions)

For more information about Australia’s Federal incentives visit Screen Australia or Ausfilm